In addition to the textile sector, the ECUVal system can be applied to those industrial sectors whose effluents have the following characteristics:

  • Poorly biodegradable compounds
  • High salinity
  • Possibility of water reuse

Some of these sectors are:

Pharmaceutical sector: ECUVal is applied to treat effluents containing poorly biodegradable compounds, increasing the efficiency of the biological wastewater treatment plants.  





Leather sector: This industry generates large quantity of deeply coloured wastewater that contains chloride, tannins, chromium, sulphate and organic compounds. ECUVal can remove colour and also reconstitute the effluent for reuse.




Pulp and paper sector: It generates large amount of wastewater with high content of organic matter and solids in suspension. ECUVal can improve the wastewater quality to make the effluent reuse possible.




Chemical sector: The wastewater from this industry is generally highly concentrated in inorganic and organic pollutants and can also contain non-biodegradable compounds, which can be removed by means of the ECUVal system. The water reuse in this industry can also be considered.




Cosmetic sector: The wastewater contains in general suspended hydrophobic materials, surfactants and high amount of organic matter. ECUVal is appropriated to treat the less biodegradable effluents, as complimentary to the biological plant.